Kaiser Permanente Care Consortium

Get access to comprehensive and affordable health coverage plans for yourself and your family on www.kaiserpermanente.org. This online service provides you with everything you need to know about your insurance plan – from the benefits to the costs involved. If you already have an account with Kaiser, this is also where you can log in to manage your profile.

Kaiserpermanente.org allows you to do a lot of activities. Here, you can find a doctor, locate the nearest facility in your area, access your health manager and shop for the perfect plan – if you don’t have one yet. Simply use the different subheadings and tools provided on the portal to find what you need.

How to Log In on KaiserPermanente Portalkaiser_permanente_org

You can find the log in area on the left hand side of the page. Simply follow these few steps to successfully access your account:

  1. Type in your user ID and password on the space provided.
  2. Use the green ‘Sign On’ button to proceed.

In the event that you forget your user ID and/or password, use the appropriate link to get help right away!

Kaiser Permanente is active on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Flickr. You can follow the company on these platforms to keep yourself updated about upcoming news & events.

How to Get Assistance on Kaiser Permanente

If you’re already a member and would like to seek help for any concern that’s related to your health plan, please use the link ‘Member Assistance’ located on the upper right corner of the portal. This will redirect you to a page that contains various helpful links that you can use to find the information you need.

This is where you go if you need help looking for doctors, download a document, ask for a replacement ID, request for prescription refill, schedule an appointment and much more. If you want to update your profile information, such as change your address, this is also where you go.

For questions regarding payment and billing, please use the link that says ‘Paying Bills’ found under the ‘Questions & Answers’ category. Visit www.kaiserpermanente.org/payonline directly from your browser will also allow payments to be made. And if you can’t find your question among the links provided, just use ‘More questions & Answers’ to get more details.

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