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Open an online account today at Arkansas Blue Cross is affordable medical, dental, and vision health plans for the residents of Arkansas under the age of sixty-five and are not on Medicare.  ABC is available anytime of the year and the plans are even customizable for short term traveling or living abroad.  With health plans for any size of employer, you can extend your coverage with the trust you deserve.  The Blue and You foundation, supported by ABC is helping families all across Arkansas get grants totaling over $2 million dollars so everyone has a chance to get health coverage.  While working with other foundations, the organization strives to benefiting families all across Arkansas. is located out of Little Rock and was established more than sixty-five years ago.  With their guiding principles of philanthropy, integrity, and accountability, ABC provides the highest in quality health care and offers the lowest rates for insurance.  A.M. Company awarded an “Excellent” to ABC for diversified distribution channels, high brand recognition, and an extensive provider network from the core service area.  There are community outreach programs such as:  Enterprise Employee’s Committee, Health Organizations, The Blue and You Fitness Challenge, and The Blue and You Youth Programs.

The Many Benefits and Services at ArkansasBlueCross  arkansasbluecross_com

There are many different products and services at Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Some of these amazing features are…

  • Not-for Profit Organization
  • Health Management Tools
  • Personal Portfolios
  • Member of the National Institute for Health Care Management
  • Member Discounts
  • Federal Employees Program
  • URAC Accredited
  • Mobile App
  • Online Account

With all the major benefits and products why go anywhere else?  To gain access to your account all you need to do is go the homepage and select the “sign in” blue tab at the top of the right hand corner.  Select sign in as “member” to get started.  Access the online account system by selecting the “register” tab.  Follow the prompts to get your account up and running.  If you need assistance contact a friendly customer care agent at 1-800-238-8379, email, or visit one of the locations which are located on the website under “contact us.”

The online user guide is a great way to have any questions answered you may have about ABC health plans.  You can learn how to get started, pay your bill, know how you receive care, and set up online information.  You will get a member card to use anytime you see a doctor, fill a prescription, or visit a hospital. With all the great services offered there isn’t any reason for you to not go and sign up for an online account today!

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