Your Health Idaho Insurance

Open an account today at  Members can shop, compare, and find insurance plans that are best fitted for you and your families’ needs.  With all the many tools and resources, you can locate all the information you need to easily access premium tax credit and reduced cost-sharing.  With such services as consumer connectors including:  agents, brokers, and Enrollment Counselors, you can see which options are available at no cost. Features provided to members can be access...

Lab Tests Online

Open an online account today at  Understanding your medical analysis and results are the key goals of lab tests online.  The resources provided are to help patients and caregivers have access to the following information:  the test, condition and disease screening, clinical, laboratory examination, and much more.  The website is parented by AACC or the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, a global scientific and medical organization that applies healthcare with a ...

MyHealth Medical Records

Make an appointment to visit a medical professional on After completion, by using this website you will be able to accomplish a great variety of tedious tasks related to caring for your health with ease and convenience. Just imagine how easy it will be to check your insurance coverage, make an appointment to see your physician and much more, all from a single site. The goal of the website is to make healthcare more simple for you and your family. By using MyHeal...

Kaiser Permanente Care Consortium

Get access to comprehensive and affordable health coverage plans for yourself and your family on This online service provides you with everything you need to know about your insurance plan – from the benefits to the costs involved. If you already have an account with Kaiser, this is also where you can log in to manage your profile. allows you to do a lot of activities. Here, you can find a doctor, locate the nearest facility in your area, access ...

Health Products Benefit Portal

Open an online account today at  United Health Care is a service provided to family members across the United States.  Belonging to United Health Group or NYSE: UNH, is a diverse and fortune 50 health and well-being company.  Dedicated to helping American families live healthier lives, they strive to provide the best in health care needs.  With many simple ways to get health coverage, UHG provides many different plans to its members.  With one card and one plan mem...

Healthy Roads Health Program

Open an online account today at  Healthy Roads provides population health programs across the United States for many different employers.  In fact, they provide plans for more than five million families across the nation!  There are many different products and services at HR.  These services include: personal health assessment, scorecard, HealthyRoads Connect, coaching, daily health tips, and fitness tracking.  The company’s saying is, “Healthy Roads is here to help you sta...

My Health Equity Savings

Open a health savings account today at  With lower health insurance premiums, certain contributions not taxable, and fascinating interest rates, My Health Equity is the way to go.  A health savings account is a savings in which you can use funds for medical expenses if needed.  What a great way to ensure your family has peace of mind in case of an unexpected medical expense.  Certain funds can also be tax-free when placed into a health insurance account.  Eligibility incl...

EyeMed Vision Care Portal

Open an online account today at  There are many different reasons to sign up today.  Services include:  smart values, provider location services, online contact lens services, vision app, glasses, and so much more!  Choosing from over 87,500 vision care providers gives you peace of mind when it comes to finding one near you.  You are, “The Apple of Our Eye!” at Eye Med.  Members can gain access to their account and view the many features.  Eye Med sponsors an organizati...

Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Portal

Open an online account today at Arkansas Blue Cross is affordable medical, dental, and vision health plans for the residents of Arkansas under the age of sixty-five and are not on Medicare.  ABC is available anytime of the year and the plans are even customizable for short term traveling or living abroad.  With health plans for any size of employer, you can extend your coverage with the trust you deserve.  The Blue and You foundation, supported by ABC is helping famili...

My Amerigroup Health Solutions

Open an online account today at  With “real solutions in health care,” being the motto, My Ameri Group has the top of the line in health care benefits.  Medical plans from Medicaid, Medicare, and Medicaid-Medicare MMp Plans, you can get all your need for your family.  People need a little help these days in finding affordable health services.  The services include finding assistance for members including:  pregnant moms who need prenatal care, kids with no health coverage, ...