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Open an online account today at www.eyemedvisioncare.com.  There are many different reasons to sign up today.  Services include:  smart values, provider location services, online contact lens services, vision app, glasses, and so much more!  Choosing from over 87,500 vision care providers gives you peace of mind when it comes to finding one near you.  You are, “The Apple of Our Eye!” at Eye Med.  Members can gain access to their account and view the many features.  Eye Med sponsors an organization called OneSight.  OneSight has helped over 563 million people with the global vision crisis by providing glasses and care to people worldwide.  Every year hundreds of EyeMed associates travel the world to help out needy families.

Located out of Mason, Ohio and founded in 1988, EyeMedVisionCare.com is a subsidiary of Luxottica Group SpA.  The client family nearly 10,000 strong and covers over 35 million American families nationwide!  Ranked with the highest quality in customer service, service calls take only 14.2 seconds to get answered!  With over 102 hours of agent assistance each week your questions can get answered as quickly as possible. Through research and education, EyeMed has provided the best services over the years.

The Features and Services of EyeMedVisionCareeyemedvisioncare_com

There are many different features and benefits at eyemedvisioncare.com.  Some of these benefits are available to any family that is a member.  Included are:

  • inFocus
  • Online Tools
  • All eye care
  • Paperless billing
  • Online Accounts
  • Access to Provider Information
  • Vision Wellness
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Convenient Locations
  • Much more!

With classic frames, designer styles, and many services providers in your areas, members can take advantage of all these benefits.  There are also many different value plans to fit the needs of any families’ budget.   Our online tools make using the services extremely easy.  There has been ninety-nine percent client satisfaction, over six years of implemented customer satisfaction, and ninety-six percent of utilization of the network.  With those statistics, why go anywhere else?

What specific features do members receive from Eye Med Vision Care?  Some of them are:  EyePrefer, EyeNav, Retinal Imaging, KidsEyes, LasikBenefit, HealthyEyes, and Diabetic Eyes.  If you have any questions or need assistance please contact customer care at 1.866.939.3633. A friendly staff member can assist you in answering any of your questions.  With all the benefits member receive, there isn’t any better option for all of your vision care needs.

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