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Find a health plan solution that fits your needs and requirements online by using Health Smart is the key to healthcare empowerment – it helps you make good healthcare decisions. Whether you are an employer, member, provider, or broker, the company has a solution for you. Health Smart has a full range of healthcare options and can customize a unique solution for your organization. The company specializes in the provision of flexible and personalized healthcare plans that meet the varying needs of its clients.

Health Smart is dedicated to providing superior products and services to all of its clients, customers, consultants and brokers. On, you will see the numerous services that the company has designed to help improve the quality of health and control the related costs. As a member, you can visit the Wellness Resource Center to learn more about health-related topics. If you are looking for a physician or local hospital, use the ‘Provider Search’ tool and register to eServices to manage your account information better. As a provider, you can benefit from the company’s services through its established provider network that offers stable patient base and expedited claims turnaround time.

HealthSmart Information Portalshealthsmart

  1. Employers – HR executives, Plan Sponsors and Benefit Administrators learn about and control your benefits.
  2. Members – employees, their dependents and other service users learn about your benefit plans.
  3. Providers – resources for doctors, hospitals, labs, clinics and other providers.
  4. Brokers – healthcare brokers, agents and sales consultants.
  5. Students – login to your student healthplan.
  6. Careers – explore job opportunities at HealthSmart

HealthSmart Solutions & Services

Health Smart puts you in charge of your healthcare and through its numerous solutions and services, the company can help you make the right decisions. Transparency is the key to healthcare empowerment. The company is transparent about its costs and quality so you can take control. Its role is to provide you with the tools, information and guidance you need to make informed decisions. Health Smart wants you to get better care, better value and better health!

If you need more information, please refer to the link marked as ‘Contact Us’. It is found on the upper right hand side of the homepage. Here you can access information about the offices, benefit solutions and other related topics about Health Smart. You can also call this number: 1 214 574 3546 to speak with a specialist or send in your query via email at

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