Healthy Roads Health Program

Open an online account today at  Healthy Roads provides population health programs across the United States for many different employers.  In fact, they provide plans for more than five million families across the nation!  There are many different products and services at HR.  These services include: personal health assessment, scorecard, HealthyRoads Connect, coaching, daily health tips, and fitness tracking.  The company’s saying is, “Healthy Roads is here to help you stay on the road to optimal health- empowering you to make healthy choices for a healthier and longer life.  Today is your day, so make it great!”  With a positive culture and the best benefits, why go anywhere else?

Healthy Roads’ corporate company is American Specialty Health.  ASH is a health care provider for employers across the United States.  Healthy Roads is a wellness program for members.  With more than thirty thousand specialty care providers, numerous exciting exercise plans, low-cost/no-cost memberships to fitness clubs, and much more there isn’t any reason for you to sign up today at  Founded in 1987 out of a two-bedroom condo, ASH is now a national company that covers more than thirty million members!  With the many different plans offered, you can pick out your customized coverage through your employer.  Let’s take a look more in-depth at Healthy Roads and the features they provide.

The Products and Services at HealthyRoadshealthyroads_cpm

There are many different benefits and services provided by ASH with their wellness programs. To name a few…

  • Weight management
  • Fitness experts
  • Nutritional advisors
  • Stress management
  • Coaching programs
  • Social challenges
  • The “Connect” app
  • Health Assessments
  • And many more fitness tools!

To get started, just go to the home page and select register.  Then enter in your first and last name, date of birth, and accept the terms and conditions.  Then follow the prompts to get access to the account.  If you need assistance contact the friendly customer care at 1-877-330-2746 toll free 5 A.M. to 6 P.M. Pacific Time Monday through Friday or email

The flexibility of the wellness plans are custom made for your needs.  With configurable incentives plans, a dedicated support team, and member reporting, your needs can be met.  The dedication of a long-term engagement provides a long-living healthy lifestyle.  There are different apps to track your fitness goals.  Tools for fitness are available to browse after the scorecard is completed to assess your physical being.  With all the amazing services and products that healthy roads provides, there is no reason to not go sign up for an online account today!

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