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Open an online account today at  Understanding your medical analysis and results are the key goals of lab tests online.  The resources provided are to help patients and caregivers have access to the following information:  the test, condition and disease screening, clinical, laboratory examination, and much more.  The website is parented by AACC or the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, a global scientific and medical organization that applies healthcare with a collaboration of medical societies.   The motto is, “Empower Your Health, Understand Your Tests.”  As a collaboration of professional societies who represent the laboratory community, LTO has the highest in knowledge-base when it comes to lab testing.

How exactly does lab testing work and where do the tests get performed with LTO?  A large reference lab provides for testing for complex tests.  By using the highest in technology and the most experienced professionals, you can be assured that all results from are accurate and confidential.  Along with federal and state regulations, LTO provides safe, secure, and trustworthy test results.  The site is designed to give members an understanding of testing, as well as providing testing for a variety of conditions and diseases.

The Many Features of LabTestsOnlinelabtests_online_org

There are many different products and services at LTO.  From up-to-date lab testing to information on healthcare, members can access any information they need to get the most out of the services.  Services include:

  • Test Descriptions
  • Conditions
  • Screening Guides
  • News
  • In-Depth Articles
  • The Laboratory
  • “Ask Us”
  • Search for Labs
  • Webpage Menus
  • External Information and Services
  • Much More!

When you require a laboratory test, you can access all the information on how to order testing, how it is preformed, and result information by accessing the name of the analysis needed from the “content and services” page on Lab Tests Online.  After selecting the test you need, there are tabs above the name of the test to assist you in proceeding.  You may also contact a laboratory specialist if you have any more questions.  There are “common questions” that can be accessed for faster answers.

The test index at is the easiest way to get information or have tests ordered.  Access the links for information 24 hours per day 7 days a week on the website or sign up today for the mobile app!  Located on the left hand side of the website are the links set specifically for your devices.  Available for iTunes, Android, and Kindle, members can access lab results, testing sites, and any information they need right off their devices!  With all the amazing products and services offered by LTO, go set up an account today!

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