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Open a health savings account today at  With lower health insurance premiums, certain contributions not taxable, and fascinating interest rates, My Health Equity is the way to go.  A health savings account is a savings in which you can use funds for medical expenses if needed.  What a great way to ensure your family has peace of mind in case of an unexpected medical expense.  Certain funds can also be tax-free when placed into a health insurance account.  Eligibility includes:  being covered by a HAS-qualified plan, no other health coverage like Medicare or military benefits, and you are not claimed on another individual’s tax return.  While visiting the doctor there is no co-pay required for our clients.  Additionally you can use out-of-network providers while you are a member.  There’s nothing better than having access to other care providers when you have MyHealthEquity.

In 2002, the company was established to ensure health care services were provided and to “transform the health care dollars.”  Serving over 1.4 million American households, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and providing education for the newly developed idea of an HAS, Home Equity provides services to you and your family all over the United Sates.  The “purple culture” is the key to success.  Each and every individual has different needs when it comes to family care.  With the expertise of the team of specialists at HE, you can make sure you get a complete understanding of each of the services to fit your individual needs.

The Features, Services, and Products of MyHealthEquityhealthequity_com

There are many different products and services offered at www.myhealthequity.  Features and services include:

  • E.O.B. or Explanation of Benefits
  • Tax-Free Services
  • Credit Cards
  • Prescriptions
  • Balance Roll Over
  • HSA Self Ownership
  • Non-taxable Interest
  • Lowered Monthly Premiums
  • Money Savings Galore

Whether you are shopper, survivor, savor, or minimalist, you can easily manage and save money with all the perks from a My Health Equity account.  To access your account simply go to the website and access the online member portal.  Then access the “begin now” link to start up.  After completing the verification process, select a desired username and password, and security questions.  You will also be asked for a verification email to complete the set up and bam!  You are all set to go!  If you need assistance please call the super friendly customer care at 866-346-5800 for any further assistance 24/7.  With all the perks of setting up your MHE, there is no excuse to contact a specialist or go to the website today!

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