PeachCare Kids Insurance

Manage your account with PeachCare online by using Peach Care for Kids provides reliable and affordable health care services to uninsured children in the United States, particularly in Georgia. The company began providing health insurance coverage in the year 1999 and is still in good service today. PeachCare for Kids offers a full range of care plans to children through the age of 18 who do not qualify for Medicaid; the organization helps children who belong in a household with incomes at or below 247% of the federal poverty level.

On, you will find more information about the company that will help you develop a deeper understanding of its vision and services. Take advantage of the various links and subheadings found on the page, find out if your child qualifies for the benefits that the company offers! Click on the subheading marked as ‘See if my child qualifies’ and when you get to the new page, enter the required information and click on the ‘Calculate’ button to get the result. You may also get useful information if your child is eligible for the service if you click on the link that says ‘Who is Eligible?’ found on the homepage.

Benefits Offered by PeachCare for Kidspeachcare

  • Care from a doctor when your child is sick
  • Preventive services such as immunizations and regular check-ups
  • Specialist care
  • Dental care
  • Vision care, including vision screenings and eyeglasses
  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency room services
  • Prescription medications
  • Mental health care

Your child will be given the chance to choose from any of the Georgia Families Care Management Organization (CMO) private plans and you can also personally pick his or her primary care provider. However, you must remember that your child must not be an inmate of a public institution or a patient in an institution for mental diseases at the time of initial application or any redetermination of eligibility.

Logging In to Your PeachCare Account Online

If you already have an account with Peach Care, you may log in to it by clicking on the subheading marked as ‘My Account’ and be redirected to the login page. Simply enter your username and password to their corresponding fields and click on the gray ‘Log In’ button to proceed to your account. In the event that you forget what your password is, click on the blue link that says ‘Forgot your password?’ for immediate assistance. If you haven’t registered online yet, click on the ‘Click Here’ link to access the online registration form – fill this out accordingly and you’ll be a registered member of PeachCare in no time!

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