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Open an online account today at  United Health Care is a service provided to family members across the United States.  Belonging to United Health Group or NYSE: UNH, is a diverse and fortune 50 health and well-being company.  Dedicated to helping American families live healthier lives, they strive to provide the best in health care needs.  With many simple ways to get health coverage, UHG provides many different plans to its members.  With one card and one plan members get coverage for all fitness care needs.  The easiest services for care come from the one company and one card.  Doctor visits, outpatient care, preventative services, vision, routine nearing, wellness services, and many more services are available at

UHC is the largest single health carrier in the United States.  They strive to:  improve quality, enhance access, make care more affordable, and use technological advances for families across the nation.  With a workforce of over 225,000 employees the cultural background of UHG serves people in all fifty states and over one hundred twenty-five countries worldwide!  When enrolled in a qualifying plan, members can access their online account in a few simple ways.  With Benefits Credits, you can apply these credits to place any orders and have your shipments shipped at no cost.  There are many amazing services at

The Products and Services of Health Products Benefit.comhealthproductsbenefit_com

With all the features of your online account, you can…

  • Browse categories to find any health products you need
  • Use Benefit Credits to purchase products
  • Enroll in Plans
  • View Prescriptions
  • Access information about your plan
  • Wellness Programs
  • Pay Bills
  • Find a doctor or provider

To access your account, follow these simple instructions.  After enrolled in your new plan, you will get a member identification number.  Access the link from the home page labeled, “Create one here.”  Follow the prompts to update your information and create a password.  Once your account is created all your account information can be viewed.  You then choose your PCP and fill out your healthcare questionnaire.  The questionnaire takes less than twenty minutes and allows you to find a plan that best suits your needs.  With a personalized plan, you get all the features that are provided.  Creating an account is fast, easy, and convenient.  If you occur any issues please feel free to contact the friendly customer care at 1800-345-1520.

With breast cancer screening, flu shot information, trustful information, plan discounts, and so much more, Health Products Benefits is your one stop for all your family’s needs.  Sign up for an online account today.

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